Play Based Learning in Lorain, OH  

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Caring for children with individualized attention and professional early childhood development techniques that are faith-based is what we do best. With expert development techniques, we promote an environment where children are encouraged to grow into their personalities and develop socially, physically, and mentally. At Faith House Daycare in Lorain, OH, you can rest assured your child is receiving great care. We offer daytime programs as well as before and after-school care.

Our experienced and friendly staff fosters rewarding experiences for all children to grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally. We believe playtime is helpful for every child’s social development. That’s why we have a large selection of toys and games that are engaging for children. Whether they’re cooking in their imaginary kitchen or solving a puzzle with their friends, all children will reap developmental benefits from wholesome play. We also have an outdoor playground complete with fun activities your child will love. 

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We hold our staff to the highest standards of excellence with every child. Our team works extremely well with children and knows the most effective techniques to help children develop. We lead daycare activities that enhance gross motor skills, independence, social abilities, and fine motor skills among children. For our preschoolers, we teach the basics such as shapes, numbers, colors, and the alphabet.

When you choose Faith House Daycare, we guarantee our child care services will enhance your child’s life. With faith-based activities and play-based learning, this child care center is the best in the area. Don’t look any further for an infant daycare and toddler care center that will truly invest in your child—call today!